Why Krishna Drive?

  • Sends two holy messages daily, related to Vedic wisdom inclusive of great scriptures like Bhagvad Gita, Srimad Bhagvatam and also messages from the devotees of the Lord.
  • Helps you to read the extract from the holy scriptures while you are on the go and thus always stay connected to the glorious rhythm of the Lord.
  • Reminds you about your eternal self amidst the material perplexities and encourages you to read the divine scriptures and find out the truth of human life.

How can you get it?

Android mobile users can download free app from Google Play Store.
Simply search "Krishna Drive" and install it on your device.

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Recent Messages

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img25  Everyone wants to be free from all kinds of fear, and everyone wants the fullest extent if happiness in life. The perfect process for achieving this, here and now, is recommended in the Srimad Bhagvatam. By hearing and glorifying the Lord, all the activities of a person become moulded into spiritual activities, and thus all conceptions of material miseries become completely vanquished. SB 2.1.5 Purport. Hare Krishna!   img26
img25  Because destiny is nothing but the combination of our past actions, we are indeed the makers of our destiny. However, we don't determine whether destiny will manifest positively or negatively at a particular time; so, we are not the masters of our destiny - the Supreme Lord is.   img26

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